The Sales Process


Valuation of the Business
Confidential Marketing of the Business
Buyer Seller Meetings and
Due Dilligence
Negotiations and Closing
Service 1: Sellers Services
*Suggest ways to get your business ready for sale
*Evaluating your financials to understand what your business is worth
*Create and implement a Confidential Marketing Strategy and screen prospects
*Assist you with the time intensive details and ups and downs of the selling process
*Help you maximize the value of your business through the advertising and negotiating process
Sevice 2: Buyer Services
*Evaluate- Are you the buyer a good fit for the business based on skills, interests, and finance
*Arrange buyer seller meetings, educate on the sales process and suggest financing options
*Work through the negotiation process with the seller and other professionals involved
Sevice 3: Consulting Service
*Help sellers determine when they should sell based on multiple factors
*Help prospective buyers analyze their financial needs, interests and business personality